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Kerstin Mende-Stief

Kerstin Mende-Stief

Kerstin is a technology enthusiast and has been rooted in the ICT world for over 20 years. She has been writing about technology since 2012 – mostly for others – and speaks at events about the opportunities and challenges of smart grids, the origins of cloud computing at Bletchley Park in 1943 or open source. From time to time she (co-)organized technology events, such as in-house fairs, community events and even cooked for more than 200 angels in a CCC camp.

The increasing convergence of IT-services suits her very well. The all-rounder cannot and will not commit herself to just one area. She started her career with a developer of terminal emulation software. In 1999, she switched to the telco scene and in 2009 to high security. Together with other thought leaders, she worked on a reference architecture for an open cloud infrastructure in the 2010s. In between, storage crossed her path every now and then. Her firm conviction is that true convergence can only happen in silicon. In the meantime, she is looking at other technology approaches.

Together with the husband and soulmate Wolfgang, she hosted her first own event in 2019. This dream burst relatively quickly in the flood of digital events during a pandemic that followed in 2020. In response, she initiated her own online magazine.

Kerstin likes Seymour Cray mainframes, large networks and is obsessed with next generation firewalls. She is a cocktail mixer, beer lover, the house electrician and lives with a husband, a cat and a tomcat in the wasteland just outside the German-Austrian border. Someday she will eventually emigrate to Eastern Europe, perhaps Bohemia or the Balkans.