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Howard Holton

Howard Holton

Howard is a true technologist, passionate about helping people leverage new technology and data science to develop new and innovative products and services. He has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and has experience working as an engineer, an architect, and an Executive leader in various fields, including automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, and more. Over the last three decades, he has focused on IT strategy, digital transformation, cloud technology, cyber security, and enterprise architecture.

As the CTO of GigaOm, Howard is a trusted advisor to many Fortune 1000 organizations. He has helped them develop successful strategies and execute their vision. He has a passion for executive leadership, which he developed at Rheem Manufacturing, Hitachi Vantara, Verizon, and various startups. 

Howard is proud to work with GigaOm, which democratizes access to strategic, engineering-led technology research and enables businesses to innovate at the speed of the market by helping them to grasp new technologies and provide strategic sales training and advisory services.

Howard is an exceptional public speaker, an avid traveler, a classic European car collector, and a Disney theme park aficionado.

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