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Brody Wright

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Brody is an Associate Engineer who tests and writes about technologies for GigaOm. He has been a technician, server administrator, security analyst, and ethical hacker. He is an AlienVault certified engineer and has a bachelor’s degree in information technologies, with a minor in cyber security. His last role was Senior Cyber Security analyst for the online sport betting and onsite gambling industries.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

Gaming, Government, Financial

Category Expertise

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management, Security & Risk


  • Established a robust and resilient Cyber Security infrastructure for Mohegan Sun - Resorts Casino and Hotel Property
  • Achieved seamless and successful migration from physical to virtual environments and implemented cutting-edge hybrid cloud solutions
  • Municipal software support and deployment, assisting local governments in optimizing their operations
  • For USI Holding’s I successfully consolidated 20 remote offices into a unified and centralized infrastructure.

Problems I Can Solve

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity with XDR, SOAR, SIEM Management, and SSL Decryption for robust protection against cyber threats
  • Improved Compliance and Regulations through Vulnerability Scanning, and Penetration Testing
  • Virtualization and Cloud Adoption
  • Project Management