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Ben Stanford

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Based in West London UK, Ben is a seasoned IT consultant and category leader at GigaOm driving excellence across a wide range of technical areas. His career has given him a broad range of experience from Google-sponsored retail tech to media and fintech and deep experience in navigating the needs of business users, developers, and clients to achieve successful delivery and digital transformation.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

Finance, Retail, Media

Category Expertise

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management, DevOps, People, Processes & Applications
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  • 20+ years of experience spanning finance and consumer technology
  • Solutions provided for: Goldman Sachs, Google-backed startups, Walkers, Film, and Media
  • Delivering automation and collaboration tooling at rapid scale during the pandemic, both in terms of technical deployment/adoption, but also overall improvement in user and team output vs pre-pandemic KPIs.

Problems I Can Solve

  • Digital Transformation and Automation
  • Sales and technical enablement
  • Scaled program and project management solutions
  • Bridging deployment considerations with its corresponding impact on people and processes to drive adoption, and reduce time to market

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