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Matt Sarrel

Former Analyst

Topics: Cloud & Infrastructure, Data Infrastructure, AI & Analytics

Matthew David Sarrel has been practicing and writing about network and information security for over 25 years. He is a Gigaom Analyst and Executive Director of Sarrel Group, an editorial services/content marketing, product test lab, and information technology consulting company. He is a Contributing Editor for, Triple-G Editor for Backayard Magazine, a contributor to Infoworld, and numerous other sites and publications. Previously, he was a technical director for PC Magazine Labs. Prior to joining PC Magazine, he served as VP of Engineering and IT Manager at two Internet startups. Earlier, he spent almost 10 years providing IT solutions in HIV-and-TB-related medical research settings at the New Jersey Medical School. Mr. Sarrel has a BA (History) from Cornell University, an MPH (Epidemiology) from Columbia University, and is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
Mr. Sarrel speaks regularly about big data in finance and healthcare, security/privacy, and gaming. He is a regular speaker at VC Taskforce and AAMA events. He has written for and spoken to numerous international audiences (RSA, HIT, IEEE) about information technology and information security. He participated as an expert in two Federal Trade Commission workshops, one about spam in 2003 and one about spyware in 2004.

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