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Joep Piscaer

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Socio-technical CTO, content creator and community builder. I connect the dots between business and technology. Messaging and positioning for startups, improving socio-technical systems at large enterprises.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

High Tech, Services, (e)Commerce

Category Expertise

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management, Data, Analytics & AI, DevOps
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  • Experienced CTO at a large Dutch service provider
  • Consulting on team topologies and socio-technical systems
  • Content Creator and storyteller for the tech industry
  • Organizer of Devopsdays Amsterdam and Eindhoven, Fast Flow NL Meetup

Problems I Can Solve

  • Establish and optimize flow for software development and data teams
  • Create content and tell stories for the tech industry
  • Messaging and Positioning, connecting the dots between technology and business
  • Establish your credible community participation

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