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Eric Phenix

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Eric joined GigaOm in August 2023 as our Engineering Manager, responsible for our cloud platforms and managing the engineering behind our research.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

Financial, Energy, Legal, Medical Tech, and Cloud/Enterprise Technology Solutions

Category Expertise

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management, DevOps, People, Processes & Applications
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  • Senior Consultant for Amazon Web Services: Through AWS, Eric has consulted for and designed both systems and teams for over 20 fortune 1000 enterprises.
  • Cloud Architect for BP: Eric helped BPX Energy migrate their process control network from on-prem to AWS, creating the first 100% public cloud control network, operating over $10 Bn in energy assets in the Permian Basin.

Problems I Can Solve

  • Modernizing infrastructure & application development through DevOps
  • Help organizations improve security posture, reduce risk, and harden applications using DevSecOps and Zero Trust
  • Building Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoE) to centralize cloud governance
  • Save companies costs through promoting efficient architectures and reducing technical debt