Elena Perez

Former Analyst

Topics: Work & Collaboration

Elena Perez, an analyst for GigaOm Research, has more than 15 years in digital media, focusing in marketing, technology, communications and advertising. Her foray into digital began during the early days of the internet, when, at DoubleClick, she introduced hundreds of traditional and new companies to the principles and practices of online advertising. Elena went on to run marketing for emerging media and technology startups, each specializing in online video, online radio, and mobile advertising, before becoming an independent consultant.

Today, Elena provides strategic marketing and communications services that drive growth in the dynamic digital landscape. She is also a writer and ghostwriter whose work has appeared in various publications, including Marketing Profs, CMO.com, Chief Marketer, Wired Insights, and more. She has served as subject matter expert for various digital education initiatives, volunteers as a digital mentor with Girlswritenow.org, and is a published novelist.

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