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Don MacVittie

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Don has more than 25 years of technology industry experience, working in nearly every IT position in a wide variety of organizations. A specialist in application architectures with a background in app dev and DevOps including a persistent security focus, he enjoys talking about where a technology space is sitting and how it will change.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

Finance, Utilities, High Tech, GIS

Category Expertise

DevOps, People, Processes & Applications, Security & Risk
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  • Team Lead for Application Modernization (finance)
  • Strategic Architect for Digital Transformation (finance)
  • IT Manager for smart grid implementation (utilities)
  • CTO Data conversion software company (GIS)
  • Listed on several patents, co-authored both ANSI and ISO standards

Problems I Can Solve

  • Automation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Pervasive Security
  • DevSecOps implementations
  • DevOps optimization/strategic focus

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