Anand Joshi

GigaOm Analyst


Anand Joshi is a semiconductor industry executive with 25+ years of industry experience. He is also a recognized expert and analyst in the artificial intelligence community, having worked at Omdia/Tractica since 2014. He frequently speaks at conferences. His reports on computer vision, artificial intelligence, infrastructure, and chipsets have been used by top semiconductor and OEMs for strategic planning purposes. He has also been involved as an executive and advisor with several prominent AI chip companies in the past five years. These include NanoSemi, Wave Computing, and Redpine Signals among others. He has built inbuilt state of the art AI chipsets and vision-based software analytics products. He has worked with Tier One customers in consumer, automotive, and enterprise markets to understand and implement AI products per their needs.

During the early course of his career, he successfully built startup businesses as well as business units up to 200 million dollars in revenue. His career spans Synopsys, LSI Logic, Poseidon Design Systems, Alten Calsoft, and Cap Gemini. He holds an MSEE from Virginia Tech and an MBA from UC Irvine.

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