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Matt has over twenty years of professional experience in information technology as a computer programmer, software architect, and leader. An expert in Cloud, Infrastructure and Management, as well as DevOps, he can help improve enterprise software delivery, optimize systems for large scale, modernize or integrate software systems and infrastructure, and provide disaster recovery.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

Transportation, Logistics, eCommerce

Category Expertise

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management, DevOps
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  • Enterprise Architect at American Airlines responsible for a portfolio of hundreds of applications
  • Established disaster recovery systems for critical national infrastructure and led initiatives to modernize mainframe systems
  • During the merger of US Airways with American Airlines he worked to integrate systems, data, teams and business processes into a single operation
  • While an engineer at, developed web-based applications designed to help small businesses succeed in e-commerce

Problems I Can Solve

  • Improving enterprise software delivery
  • Optimizing systems for large scale
  • Modernizing or integrating software systems and infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery

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