Bob Egan


Topics: Security & Risk

Bob Egan is a 20-year veteran of the technology industry as executive advisor on innovation; a mobile industry thought leader, and Wi-Fi pioneer. Bob Egan has held executive positions with several Fortune 1000 companies including Digital Equipment Corp, GTE, MasterCard, Gartner and Waters Associates.

Bob is a former Global VP of Mobile at Gartner who pioneered the first use of Gartner’s MQ metrics to the mobile industry. As the CEB – TowerGroup Research Head, his foundational work helped to give birth to the mobile banking and payments industry. While the Advanced Technology Director at DEC, he was the architect behind the first dual band, dual radio Wi-Fi Access Point and a signature of the first IEEE Wireless LAN Standard.

Bob is a contributing editor at Forbes and is frequently quoted in major media outlets including the Wall St Journal, Business Week, Forbes and USA Today. As a technology industry influencer Bob has frequently appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CNBC for his opinions on the directions and impact of technology on business and consumers.

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