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Jake is an experienced technical engineering lead on benchmarks, industry analysis, research, technical white papers, and field consulting projects. He has two decades of experience in the information management field, has solved technical problems across a broad range of industries, and has a doctorate in information management from Syracuse University.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Education, Government, Manufacturing, Engineering, Hospitality

Category Expertise

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management, Data, Analytics & AI
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  • 25+ years of experience in data and information management
  • Co-authored over 60 research and benchmarking reports
  • Consulted 20+ companies from Fortune 500 corporations to small and mid-cap
  • Earned a Doctorate in Information Management from Syracuse University

Problems I Can Solve

  • Complex hybrid cloud and containerized architectures
  • Data engineering for integration, analytical uses and operational processes
  • Data management and governance challenges
  • Platform selections, comparisons, benchmarks, and feature teardowns

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