Tim Crawford

Former Analyst

Topics: Cloud & Infrastructure

Tim is a CIO and a member of a number of CIO organizations including the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Network. Over the past 20+ years, Tim has served as CIO and other IT leadership roles for organizations such as All Covered/ Konica Minolta, Stanford University, Knight Ridder, Philips Electronics and National Semiconductor.

Tim is an internationally renowned CIO thought leader in the areas of IT transformation, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT). Tim Crawford is ranked as one of the Top 100 Most Social CIOs (#7), Top 20 People Most Retweeted by IT Leaders (#5) and Top 100 Cloud Experts and Influencers. Tim is a strategic CIO & advisor to CIOs of large global enterprise organizations across a number of industries including financial services, healthcare, high-tech and major airlines. Tim’s work differentiates and catapults organizations in transformative ways through the use of technology as a strategic lever.

Tim’s extensive experience includes strategic planning, organizational development, governance, program and portfolio management that aligns with business strategy. Additional experience includes mergers and acquisitions, business development, strategic sourcing, compliance, information security and risk management.


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