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Jon Collins has nearly 35 years of experience in IT. He has worked as an industry analyst for a number of years and has advised some of the world’s largest technology companies. He has acted as an agile software consultant to a variety of enterprise organizations, advised government departments on IT security and network management, led the development of a mobile healthcare app, and successfully managed a rapidly expanding enterprise IT environment.

Industries Relevant To My Experience

Finance, Government, Defense

Category Expertise

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management, DevOps, People, Processes & Applications
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  • 30+ years of experience as programmer, systems manager, IT director and consultant
  • Consulted on agile development, security and systems management to government, finance and defense organizations
  • Was CTO of a healthcare startup developing mobile patient safety applications
  • Lead writer for BearingPoint thought leadership journal for 3 years

Problems I Can Solve

  • Software development and test environment tooling
  • IT and Network Operations
  • Cybersecurity including penetration testing
  • UNIX-based systems
  • Project and program management

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