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Michael Delzer
Michael Delzer is a global leader in technology. He spent 15 years as American Airlines’ Chief Infrastructure Architecture Engineer, and delivers competitive advantages to companies.
Andrew Brust
Andrew has tracked the Big Data industry since its inception and has held developer, CTO, analyst, and research director positions at City of New York, Cap Gemini, to Gigaom and Datameer.
Chris Grundemann
Chris has well over a decade of experience as both a network engineer and solution architect designing, building, securing, and operating large IP, Ethernet, and Wireless Ethernet networks.
Howard Holton
As a CIO & CTO Howard has been an engineer, an architect, and a leader in telecom, health care, automotive, retail, legal, and technology focused on digital transformation.
William McKnight
William McKnight has advised many of the world’s best-known organizations. His strategies form the information management plan for leading companies in various industries.
Enrico has tracked the evolution of the storage industry for years. He is an internationally renowned expert on data storage—and a visionary, author, blogger, and speaker on the topic.

Subject Matter Experts

Alastair Cooke
Farhad Sayeed
Geoff Uyleman
Ivan McPhee
Janakiram MSV
Jon Collins
Mark Chillingworth
Miya Knights
Paul Lewis
Ron Williams
Saurabh Sharma
Shea Stewart

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