About GigaOm

If knowledge is power, wisdom is the lens that shapes it. At GigaOm, we are committed to the concept of technical wisdom, learned through hard-won experience. Technical wisdom is what enables strategic IT decision makers to explore, scope, and grasp the critical and complex technical challenges and decisions facing them every day.

Wisdom at GigaOm extends beyond the mechanics of assessing and deploying business solutions. At GigaOm, we embrace wisdom in all its forms: technical, financial, organizational, intellectual, emotional. We believe that organizations that commit fully to developing self-awareness do best: They work more efficiently, forge stronger relationships, and make better decisions.

Gigaom is the platform that democratizes access to strategic, engineering-led technology research. We believe every business can innovate at the speed of the market. Start moving!

Meet our Team

John A. Baltisberger

Content Production Manager

John Baltisberger is a native-born Austinite and award-nominated author of speculative fiction and poetry. When not working behind the scenes at GigaOm, he manages the horror publishing company Madness Heart Press.

Ben Book

CEO & Co-Founder

Ben is the CEO and cofounder of GigaOm, the market leader in engineering-led research. As CEO, Ben focuses on strategy, future directions, and products. Ben is a San Francisco Bay Area native, based in Santa Barbara.

Jeffrey Britt

Senior Global Director

Jeff is an industry veteran who guides technology organizations from startups to large enterprises in building strategic content and marketing programs that deliver. His technology-focused background includes leading revenue and management positions at various companies, including Microsoft, SAPinsider, 451 Research, Datamation, Fast Company, and U.S. News & World Report.

Adell Cairns

Research Manager

Adell has more than 16 years in corporate communications with companies such as TD Ameritrade, Arrow Electronics, and IBM. She manages client report interactions and designs report infographics for GigaOm. Adell has a BS in aviation management from Louisiana Tech and loves being a beekeeper.

Vanessa Cortez

Research Analyst

Vanessa is based in São Paulo and works across the GigaOm portfolio as a research analyst. She has degrees in chemistry and tourism. Her ultimate plan is to work in forensics but, for now, the world of tech is keeping her busy.

Michael Desmond

Editorial Director

Veteran IT editor, author, and former EIC of MSDN Magazine. Enjoys craft beer, skiing, and everything else about living in Vermont. Mike thinks dogs are great conversationalists and that summer is way overrated.

Laura Duggan

Contract: Editor

Laura is an editor, book designer, and publisher based in Northern California.

Adrian Escarcega

Director of Business Development

Adrian is a research-focused sales leader who consults with clients and helps them work with forward-leaning, engineering-driven analysts.

Jim Fama

Director of Business Development

Jim has worked as a sales professional and trusted advisor to vendor clients for more than 30 years.

Rachel Feldman

Project Manager

Rachel is a project manager and content strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys critical analysis and breakfast pastries.

Joseph Green

Research Operations

A technology enthusiast since his youth and a biomedical engineer by training, Joe is now getting to peer into the tech future as he assists with cutting-edge research. He also enjoys soaking up some rays, a good walk, and an ice- cold Dr. Pepper.

Marisa A. Hines

Engagement Manager, Analyst Experience

Marisa is a data-driven, award-winning content strategist and project manager living in the San Francisco Bay. She has a passion for portfolio growth and helping authors deliver high-quality content to the end-user. When not behind the computer screen, Marisa often can be found outdoors with her golden retriever, Lucy, and a strong cup of coffee.

Amy Hyde

Customer Success

Amy focuses on the intersection of media and technology, bringing new products to market through collaborative efforts with partners and clients.

Mike Irvine

Research Engagement, Technical Program Manager

Mike has managed projects and project organizations of all sizes and complexities across a broad range of technology sectors around the globe. Having landed most recently in the Pacific Northwest he feels perfectly at home in the rain so reminiscent of his native British Isles.

Rachel Kent

Director of Project Management and Strategy

Rachel is a project manager motivated by bringing out the very best in people and facilitating organisational change. She’s currently living in Portland, Oregon having recently relocated from Cheltenham, United Kingdom. A self-confessed foodie and health nut, Rachel spends a lot of time cooking in the kitchen and subsequently sweating in the gym.

Fatin Kwasny

Director, Lifecycle Marketing

Fatin Kwasny is passionate about changemaking. She is an award-winning marketing professional who has spent more than 15 years driving B2B, B2C, and B2G marketing and sales results for professional services companies, including information technology and telecommunications, and digital media, in the Washington, DC, Austin, and Tampa Bay markets.

Monique Lupu

Research Engagement Coordinator

Pre-pandemic, Monique spent a decade forging her path in Hospitality Management, working with the drug that helps fuel the tech industry: coffee. Post-pandemic, she pivoted to the nonprofit world, striving to provide equitable education access for children. She is excited to join GigaOm with a passion for communication, fulfilling relationships, and service. In her spare time, you can find her writing, outdoorsing, and snuggling with her husky, Ned (@huskyboyned).

Don MacVittie

Research Analyst

Don MacVittie has more than 25 years of technology industry experience, working in nearly every IT position in a wide variety of organizations – from tax software developer to insurance industry strategic architect and IT manager at a utility. Don has been an analyst for the last decade, is named on two networking patents, and has co-authored ANSI and ISO standards in geographic information systems. His love is learning about technology, and he will happily discuss technology with anyone.

William Mapp

Business Development Director

Will is an international business development executive with deep expertise in the cloud & data center industry with an entrepreneurial vision that empowers companies to move faster. He has an acute eye for business innovation, creative strategy techniques, and technology go-to-market consulting. Will also brings a passion for helping organizations realize their business goals by leveraging the cloud with unique digital transformation strategies.

Karen Martin

Research Analyst

Karen has nearly 20 years of experience in intelligence, business analysis, and project management. She specializes in cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance, and has worked both in government and the private sector.

Michael Raul Medina

Business Development Manager

Michael is always looking for ways to help clients solve business problems by leveraging research and analysis to make practical technology decisions.

Rene Millman

Research Analyst

For the last 20 years, Rene have been an analyst and writer covering various technology topics, such as cloud, infrastructure, mobile, and cybersecurity. He has also worked as an analyst for both Gartner and IDC, and in IT for several financial institutions in London.

Adam Murray

Research Coordinator

Adam Murray is new to the tech world, having worked the last decade in hospitality and restaurant management. He is excited to translate his customer service expertise into his role at Gigaom as Research Coordinator.

Herta Nava

Research Analyst

Herta Nava has many years of experience in writing, reviewing, and localizing tech content. For more than 5 years now, she has been working as a vendor in the localization of documentation, software, and articles for global tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Dell. She is also a technical book and course author and has developed content for companies such as Pluralsight, Packt, and O'Reilly Media.

Jamie Poitra

Senior Web Developer

Jamie handles all of the daily technology and web development needs and coordinates with the rest of the GigaOm team to get things done. When he isn't doing that, he's on the endless adventure of experiencing life with his wife and two daughters.

David Raphaelian

Director of Business Development

Dave is a senior sales executive who has helped tech companies achieve growth and business success. In his spare time, he follows Boston sports teams and hikes with his Glen of Imaal terrier, Lucy.

Chris Ray

Research Analyst

Chris Ray is a veteran of the cyber security domain. He has a collection of experiences ranging from small teams to large financial institutions. Additionally Chris has worked in healthcare, manufacturing & tech. More recently he has acquired an extensive amount of experience advising and consulting with security vendors, helping them find product-market fit as well as deliver cyber security services.

Gill Reindl

Resourcing Manager Research

Gill has a passion for developing and mobilising talent and teams. She has travelled a varied path as commercial manager, academic educator and international project manager. Gill spends her time between the UK and Italy and loves all things food, travel and countryside walks with her dog.

Frederick Rice

Account Executive

Based in Austin, TX, Fred is a research-focused sales consultant who works with clients to facilitate actionable engagements with analysts that's based on research content. He is known for winning a local video game tournament once, back when he was in college.

Ryan Roman

Business Development Manager

Ryan Roman is an army veteran living in Santa Maria, CA who loves building PCs.

Jamie Ross

Marketing Coordinator

Jamie supports GigaOm's marketing and research operations, helping to join the dots between analysts' vision and clients' reality. A self-confessed multi-hyphenate, when not behind a computer keyboard, he's behind a musical one.

Nic Saunders

People Operations

Nic comes from a diverse background of academia and theatre production, and most recently has focused on operations within the tech startup space. Nic believes painless growth is possible with the right tooling, mindset, and of course, fantastic people. She is based out of Toronto, Ontario and spends her spare time writing creative nonfiction.

Phil Scoble

Director of Communications

With a background in journalism, PR and marketing, Phil looks after the day to day internal, external, and vendor communications for GigaOm. He also leads the company's messaging and content strategy, and manages the content creation team. Phil is a passionate runner and climber, and lives happily with his wife in the Cotswolds, UK.

Catherine R Sloan

Independent Editor & Tech Policy Consultant

Catherine is a tech & telecom public policy expert and a former federal lobbyist for non-dominant telcos and internet platforms. She holds a Georgetown J.D. and a Fordham B.A. in journalism. Catherine is Yankee in Virginia who escapes to the Adks.

Sharon Terdeman

Senior Research Editor

Sharon is a seasoned editor with over 20 years of experience in providing innovative content for both online and print formats at a variety of technical magazines, including PC Magazine and MSDN Magazine, and the demonstrated ability to turn challenging raw material into clear, compelling content for technical audiences.