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GigaOm is a technology research and analysis company and the leading global voice on enterprise technologies. Our focus is on humanizing technology and providing deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends, to help our business readers and research subscribers better understand major technology disruptions and the new business opportunities they are creating.

Editorial Focus 

Our editorial focus is on what’s emerging and changing. We break down heady content and research into thoughtful, strategic terms and parseable nuggets, while tracking the next generation of technology leaders and writing about the change that technology brings. We focus exclusively on enterprise technologies, and what’s ahead for leading-edge markets in the next 12-36 months.

Depth of Practice

Our global network of independent research analysts are visionaries and influential figures in the world of enterprise technologies, trends, and tools. Our timely, in-depth research methodologies and analysis focuses exclusively on the future of emerging enterprise technology applications: analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, connectivity and edge, development and operations, security and risk, and work and collaboration.

Our Readers

Gigaom.com reaches hundreds of thousands of monthly unique readers across desktop and mobile, including subscribers to our research. 

Our futures-focused content attracts two audiences: innovative technology vendors in the Global 2000 and rising leaders in technology from startups to web-scale companies, seeking to understand their markets and competition, as well as enterprise business leaders and entrepreneurs who must assess technologies and understand trends as they impact their businesses and industries.

Our daily website visitors include professionals in information technology, engineering, product, and marketing professionals seeking to modernize and digitally transform through emerging enterprise technologies.

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