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GigaOm works directly with enterprises business leaders both inside and outside of the IT organization seeking to modernize, transform, and promote their business. GigaOm partners look to our team of expert analysts for forward-thinking approaches to educating their consumers about new technologies and solutions, including cloud, AI, data and analytics, security, data center, mobile, IoT, applications and work management, and much more.

Emerging technology vendors look to GigaOm for competitive insights and a better understanding of their markets, while enterprise business leaders rely on GigaOm analyst research to assess technologies and stay on top of emerging trends impacting their businesses and industries.

Each of our analysts possesses 20+ years of experience advising a spectrum of clients from early adopters to mainstream enterprises. They deliver proven research and forward-thinking methodologies designed to help our partners position their products and services for success.

More than 500 thousand monthly unique readers look to GigaOm for researchwebinarspodcasts and blog posts offering a forward-leaningfutures-oriented take on innovative trends and tools in the world of Cloud, Data, Mobile, Work Futures, AI, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things.

Products and Services:

  • Research services and sponsored content partnerships for vendors seeking to position their companies as leaders in emerging markets.
  • Individualadvisory (five seats), and enterprise-level research subscriptions providing access to all GigaOm research reports, recorded webinars, and graphic assets.
  • Opportunities for business leaders to participate in the GigaOm Council, an exclusive, web-based community where business leaders can interact with their peers and GigaOm analysts to address the most critical issues facing their businesses and industries.

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