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will.i.am is enthralling, sharp, and, yes, he has technical smarts and a view on the future. At a recent Atlassian ITSM event, at the O2 in London, The Black-Eyed Peas performer had some interesting things to say to Atlassian’s Dom Price about his philanthropy, and what he has learned about teamwork. More than this, he […]

In Software Development, Address Complexity and the Rest Will Follow

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Where is DevOps going? Is it ‘dead’ as some are suggesting, to be replaced by other disciplines such as platform engineering? I would proffer that while it was never as simple as that, now is as good a moment as any to reflect on approaches such as those discussed in DevOps circles. So, let’s consider […]

Let’s kill email! Cybersecurity as a driver to better communication strategy

Email has been around for a while, and I really do mean a while: it was first conceived back in 1971, by US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) programmer Ray Tomlinson. Whilst electronic mail services existed in the 1980s, the internet boom of the 90s really added rocket fuel to the solution, delivering 400 […]

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API’s are like Feral Hogs

API’s are like Feral Hogs

Zero Trust for CIOs

Zero Trust for CIOs

Don’t Try to understand everything.

Don’t Try to understand everything.

TCO Benchmarks

TCO & Benchmark reports Make informed decisions based on rigorous, hands-on testing GigaOm TCO and Benchmarks reports provide you with the hard evidence you need to make decisions with confidence. Talk With An Expert TCO and Benchmark benefits DESIGNED FOR DECISION MAKERS AND ENGINEERS Transparent, fully-repeatable tests, collaboratively designed by GigaOm’s practitioner-analysts. TCO & Benchmark […]

Tales from the Field: GigaOm Business and Technology Impact Reports

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde may have been channeling his inner IT manager when he offered up that famous quote. The fact is, every IT leader that enters into a high-stakes adoption or deployment of a new technology or tool inevitably wonders if there are […]

Marketplaces Are Changing the Way We Do Enterprise IT

In one of my latest reports (Key Criteria for Evaluating Unstructured Data Management), one of the key criteria was the availability of a marketplace. Adding functionalities to your infrastructure quickly, without having to go through a complex purchase, installation, and configuration process is invaluable. App stores in the consumer space changed the way users purchase […]