All About the GigaOm Radar | Explainer Video

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our in-depth GigaOm Radar explainer video, which tells you everything you need to know about GigaOm Radar reports: how the GigaOm Radar chart works, how we put it together, and how to read the results.

Simply put, the GigaOm Radar report is written by engineering leaders to help other engineering leaders make engineering-led decisions.

So many reports we see today are based on market factors such as vendor market share, vendor incumbency, customer share, and so on. But CTOs, VPs of engineering and operations, and data architects all need to know how a product will fit their needs at a technical level. That’s what the GigaOm Radar report sets out to do.

As the video shows, we do rank solutions, just not according to market factors. Rather, we focus on delivery capability, strength of offering across differentiating features and business criteria, and speed of movement according to vendor proactiveness and roadmap.

In addition, there’s no magical place where the best products exist to the detriment of the rest. GigaOm recognizes that some buyers might want a broad platform that covers a wide set of needs reasonably well, and other buyers might want a specific solution to meet a certain need.

For product and service vendors, the GigaOm Radar acts like the solution architect or pre-sales engineer in the (virtual) room, who can discuss end-user needs in more detail and address any technical practicalities. Meanwhile, technology leaders can use the GigaOm Radar as a decision-making framework, which they can apply to their own scenarios.

Fundamentally, the GigaOm Radar is a learning tool to drive purchase decisions. All products have strengths and weaknesses, and the GigaOm Radar makes for more straightforward, facts-based decision-making, optimizing efficiency and reducing deployment risk.

So, settle back, get a beverage of your choice, and dive in. For reference, the video comprises the following:

0:00-4:20—Introduction to GigaOm Radar concepts and purpose
4:20-6:45—Explaining the Leader, Challenger, and Entrant rings
6:45-end—How GigaOm scores and plots solutions, and how prospective customers can build a shortlist

Enjoy! And of course, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch.