Gigaom AI 2017

Gigaom AI Videos: Panel 8 – VC’s Take on Startups in AI

In February 2017, we brought together great minds of AI and business leaders to explore the new opportunities AI opens up for businesses, what it takes to be a cognitively savvy organization, and the possibilities of human-level adaptive thinking.

Welcome to the future, where radical innovation in Artificial Intelligence will turn every major industry upside down.

In this video, Jeff Aaron (Mist’s VP of Marketing), Mudit Garg (CEO and Founder of analyticsMD), Derek Meyer (CEO of Wave Computing), Mark Hammond (Co-founder and CEO at Bonsai) address venture capitalist approach to startups in the AI space. Ryan Floyd (Founding Managing Director of Storm Ventures) moderates.

Session 8: VC’s Take on Startups in AI