If so, it's long overdue

Is Twitter going past the 140 character limit?

Yesterday, Jack Dorsey hinted at relaxing the 140 character limit on Twitter:

I wonder if that’s a response to users concerns, like mine:

Jack Dorsey seems to be saying that Twitter will soon be letting people write Tweets with more than 140 characters without resorting to images of text.

I’ll turn it around: Twitter should be based on modern mobile communications (chat, IM, etc.), not old school mobile communications (SMS).


5 Responses to “Is Twitter going past the 140 character limit?”

  1. I think what he’s referring too is that, images with text are going to pass through an OCR so that text can be searchable. But character limit will still be the same.

  2. banzai06

    As with all early products, there s a chance the long-form feature may never make it to consumers. But Twitter is looking to mix things up, and tweaking its character limit would certainly do the trick.