Sling TV arrives on Chromecast with free 2-month trial


Credit: Janko Roettgers / Gigaom

IP-based television service Sling TV is finally making its way to Google’s Chromecast streaming device today, and it’s offering few carrots to bait those who’ve yet to sign up.

The announcement seems very much geared toward Sling TV until you hear about the perks being offered. As part of the Chromecast launch, Sling is offering new customers a two-month free trial of its basic package of over 20 channels. For (presumably) current subscribers, those that are willing to pay for three months of Sling TV upfront can also get a free Chromecast device.

The promotion is similar to one Google forged with Netflix when the Chromecast first debuted. However, this time the motivation is likely due to increased competition from the likes of Apple’s newly upgraded Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. (Not to mention that Amazon also just yanked Chromecast from its online retail stores, both from Amazon and third-party sellers.)



Be careful. I signed up via my Chromecast for the two month free trial and I was charged after only 7 days.


Except nowhere on the sling site can i find such an offer…..only 7 days free OR a free chromecast if you pay up front $50


Thats where the offer is. You pay for 2/3 months and get a free chromecast

Bob O'Shaughnessy

Interesting that you say ‘on Chromecast.’ Does this mean that an app is actually on the Chromecast (which would be a first, if memory serves) or that Sling has simply cast-enabled their app on another device?
–Commenting as a guest since Twitter auth doesn’t seem to be working from your page. I’m @oshaughnessy

Tom Cheredar

Would be the latter, probably could have made that more clear. (And I’ll find out what’s up with Twitter authorization to make sure its not us.)

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