At first, an Apple exclusive

HBO officially announces April launch of HBO Now at Apple event

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HBO CEO Richard Plepler took to the stage at the Apple Watch event Monday to officially announce the launch of HBO Now, which will debut April in time for the fifth season premiere of Game of Thrones. Apple will be the official launch partner of HBO Now, meaning that the service will initially only be available on Apple TV, as well as on mobile iOS devices and PCs. HBO Now will cost consumers $14.99, with the first month being free for consumers who sign up through Apple in April.

hbo now screenshot

Plepler didn’t go into all of the details on HBO Now, but a press release sent out by Time Warner filled in some of the blanks: HBO Now will offer access to “every episode of every season” of HBO’s shows, as well as Hollywood movies and original HBO films. At launch, the catalog will have more than 2,000 titles. Access will be on demand, and there is no mention of a live feed. Here’s a promo video for the new service:

The HBO Now website is already up, albeit with a very limited placeholder: just lets you sign up for news about the service.

Coinciding with the launch of HBO Now, Apple is also lowering the price of its Apple TV set-top box, which will now only cost $69, compared to $99 before. However, other than the price break, it doesn’t look as if Apple TV is receiving any substantial update.

5 Responses to “HBO officially announces April launch of HBO Now at Apple event”

  1. mike154

    I wonder how much Apple paid for launch exclusivity? It can only be time before the service is rolled out to other streaming platforms. Given the slip in ATV sales compared to Roku/Google products, staying Apple only would make no sense for HBO.

  2. hundoman

    Nothing like Apple using it’s power to get exclusive content agreements just like it already has with ABC/Walt Disney Studios. But at least ABC/Walt Disney has an excuse as its largest shareholders all have strong ties to Apple. How long was Frozen out only on iTunes?

    It can’t be long before if you don’t purchase your required yearly allotment of Apple branded products that you will be deported from the US.

  3. This exclusive deal means more people will continue pirating GoT this spring. Hopefully the exclusivity will only last a few months, and then they’ll roll it out on other platforms.