Back to the drawing board

Decentralized webmail outfit Mailpile scraps beta program for now

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When I wrote about the decentralization movement a year back, one of the big pro-privacy hopes was Mailpile, which is ambitiously trying to build a user-friendly yet rock-solid encrypted webmail system with a hybrid desktop/in-browser approach. On Friday, Mailpile’s Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson announced the rejection of the Mailpile beta, saying feedback had led the team to go back to the drawing board. One key issue was unsurprisingly related to making “all that crypto stuff completely seamless.” Iceland-based Einarsson is taking a break to get married (mazel tov) and, with the back-end providing most of the problems, front-end designer Brennan Novak has “moved on to other things for now.” Here’s hoping Mailpile gets back on track when development resumes next month.

5 Responses to “Decentralized webmail outfit Mailpile scraps beta program for now”

  1. Private.eye

    Really interested in Mailpile as a secure/private alternative to the snooping crap email accounts offered right now. I hope they iron out the issues and it becomes available soon.

  2. Bjarni R. Einarsson

    Hah, “scraps” is a bit hyperbolic, don’t you think? The code is all still out there, all that is getting scrapped is the label “beta”. But yes, sometimes testing tells you it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate some things. So that’s what we’re doing. Cheers and thanks for the mazel tov! – Bjarni