The NBA and Lean In Foundation are partnering to promote gender equality


What do LeBron James and Sheryl Sandberg have in common? They both are standing behind a new public awareness program telling men to split household chores and help with kids’ homework, among other actions.

It’s the “Lean In Together” movement and it’s about motivating men to make sure gender equality translates to the home. Famous NBA and WNBA stars are lending their faces to the cause, starring in a video to promote it. You’ll spot the likes of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade clutching signs that say “All-Star Dad” and “I lean in for: My wife, my mother, my grandmother.”

Alongside them, female basketball star Elena Delle Donne explained how her brother would always pick her first to play on his basketball team. “It’s moments like that that you carry with you forever,” fellow star Sue Bird says.

The Lean In Together website hosts “tips for men” on how to lean in and a page that automatically loads the latest tweets and Instagram posts tagged with the #leanintogether hashtag. When I reached out to the Lean In Foundation for more information, an email bounced back saying the press release for the program will be published on Thursday.


henry harmon

Yes (mitt) I believe it is a progressive left idea. You should know. You can stop carrying their water for them now…’s over. Just because you say and think it is not does not make it so.

henry harmon

Why secular progressive left information on your site? Your about electronics are you not? If your people want to inject politics it’s very easily noticed.

Mitt Romney

Gender equality is not a “progressive left” idea. How is this politics?

Also, you meant “you’re” not “your”.

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