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AMC, IFC and Epix go live on Sling TV

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Don Draper, meet Sling TV: The recently launched online TV subscription service started to carry AMC and IFC as well as the Epix family of movie channels Wednesday, which means that Sling TV subscribers can now tune in live for episodes of shows like The Walking Dead and Mad Men.

AMC and IFC are part of Sling’s $20 base package, which also includes ESPN1 and ESPN2 as well as TNT, TBS, Galavision, HGTV and a handful of other cable channels. Sling TV is also introducing a new Hollywood add-on package that includes Epix, Epix 2, Epix 3, Epix Drive-In and Sundance TV. The add-on package will cost customers an additional $5 a month, just like Sling’s existing add-ons.

The Hollywood add-on package will come with a replay feature to catch up on shows up to seven day after they aired. That’s neat, but likely won’t help to make Sling’s catch-up policy any less confusing.

Currently, the service offers three-day catch-up for channels like HGTV, Food Network, Galavision and a few others, but no catch-up at all for ESPN, Cartoon Network and TNT. But wait, there is more: “AMC and IFC will have the 3-Day-Replay feature for select content,” a Sling TV spokesperson told me, adding: “We are looking to work with AMC Networks to expand this feature moving forward.”

Inconsistent catch-up rights notwithstanding, the addition of Epix, IFC and especially AMC could help Sling to win over more would-be cord cutters looking to ditch pay TV for a cheaper alternative. Mad Men and The Walking Dead are some of those appointment TV shows that fans try to watch as soon as they air in order to avoid spoilers. Getting access to them through a $20 plan does sound pretty reasonable, considering that buying individual episodes in HD would cost consumers $12 per month for a single show.

For a first look at Sling TV, check out my previously recorded video below:

5 Responses to “AMC, IFC and Epix go live on Sling TV”

  1. billf511

    Just canceled after 3 weeks. Audio and video consistently go out of synch. Using Charter Cable high speed Internet connection over WiFi. Terrible customer service. I say wait six months.

    • Seth Schroeder

      Had a great experience with their support when I needed it in the beta period and haven’t needed it since.

      I would give them time as likely they are unaware of how to even solve certain issues and likely have a higher call volume than expected. I would hold back until about month 6 before saying their support is bad by then they should ample time to correct things, also starting now you won’t have thousands of people calling only to ask about AMC.

  2. Jim Jackson

    For $25 that’s not bad now at all, the base plus the Epix Sundance deal. Adding HBO and Netflix and I’m only spending $50 a month plus internet.