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Signal secure comms app for iPhone gains TextSecure compatibility

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Open Whisper Systems has released version 2 of its Signal secure calling app for iPhone. This is an important iteration, as it introduces secure text messaging that’s compatible with the outfit’s TextSecure app for Android — for now, Open Whisper Systems’ secure voice app for Android, RedPhone, remains separate from that, though everything will come together later this year in a Signal app that works across iOS, Android and the desktop. As secure communications operations go, Open Whisper Systems has good credibility, offering end-to-end crypto, auditable open-source code and decent identity verification. The TextSecure protocol has also found its way into WhatsApp, which is why Android-toting users of that Facebook-owned messaging app enjoy extra security these days.

One Response to “Signal secure comms app for iPhone gains TextSecure compatibility”

  1. Do NOT upgrade if you are on a Text Secure version v2.6.x or before

    If you do, Moxie (lead developer) has removed SMS Encryption after v2.6.x

    This release log information is NOT visible on the Google Playstore when you try to upgrade. Moxie the Moron doesn’t want people to know he has removed the SMS Encryption after v2.6.4 otherwise no one would upgrade.

    Since Moxie (the utter Moron) has removed SMS Encryption (for no real reason except to cement a deal with WhatsApp) after version v2.6.4, there is no point using Text Secure any more

    Moxie the Moron has put self interest using an open source platform ahead of maintaining E2E SMS Encryption for all

    I suggest to ‘unintall’ Text Secure and use the more stable Open Source platforms

    – Chat Secure (Open Source) – E2E IM Encryption – more feature rich and stable than Text Secure.
    Can be downloaded and installed with the Google Playstore (unlike crappy Text Secure)

    – SMS Secure (Open Source) – E2E SMS Encryption.
    Can be downloaded and installed with the Google Playstore (unlike crappy Text Secure)

    Plonk! … there goes my unintall of Text Secure after 3 year

    Hope to never use another of your products Moxie the Moron !!!