Report: Google preparing iOS app for Android Wear smartwatches


Credit: Google

Right now, you need an Android phone to use an Android Wear smartwatch. But according to a report from French technology website 01net, Android Wear might be going cross-platform with an iOS app, possibly launching at Google’s annual developer conference in May.

When Apple Watch launches in the next month, it will require an iPhone to work. Android compatibility is extremely unlikely. If Google were to allow Android Wear smartwatches to work with iOS devices, that would be a significant difference between the platforms, and some users would see it as a reason to pick an Android Wear device over an Apple Watch. At the very least, it would expand the market of possible Android Wear users.

Last year, Android Wear senior product manager Jeff Chang hinted that Google was contemplating cross-platform compatibility for Android Wear but had run into technical obstacles. “It’s not always completely up to us right? There are technical constraints, API constraints so we are trying really hard, ” Chang told the Huffington Post.

Currently, we have to treat this report as a rumor. Although 01net is a reputable website, it doesn’t cite a source — only “according to our information” (selon nos informations) — and warns that it hasn’t been confirmed.

Still, it’s fun to imagine a time in the near future when your Moto 360 could talk to your iPhone 6. Recently, a developer who goes by MohammadAG hacked his Android Wear smartwatch to talk directly to an iPhone using Apple’s notification services. Although it was more of a concept than a working Android Wear solution for iOS, it showed that it’s possible. Given that Google has native iOS support for many of its products, it wouldn’t surprise me if Google is working to bring Android Wear beyond Android. Let’s see it happen, Google.



It would be so great if google did this for iOS users.

I would hate to be stuck with only small set of mostly-ugly square faced smartwatch options.


Seems like an admission by Google that Android Wear is a failed initiative and needs the help of Apple users to succeed.


Ah, the apple cultists always find bizarre ways to spin things to fit their narrow little worldview.

Rann Xeroxx

Or… maybe other tech companies do not practice anticompetitive proprietary lock-ins.

Sathish Rao

Great news – There’re quite a few who’d be less keen to spend $500 or more for an Apple watch after having spent $700 or more on an iPhone. Unless Apple watch has ground breaking features that Android watches don’t have, less expensive Android-wear will be their obvious choice. Secondly, (at least in pictures) a few Android watches look more attractive than Apple watch. This move by Google is a blessing !

John Smith

I would say that _most_ android watches are more attractive than the apple watch.

At least most of the ones that get headlines. Even one of the samsung watches is more attractive!

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