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NBC wants you to pay for streams of Jimmy Fallon, SNL

Well, this is interesting: NBC Universal is working on a comedy video subscription service, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The service, which could launch later this year, would include full episodes of shows like the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live, as well as other clips and online-exclusive programming, and possibly cost $2.50 to $3.50. Lots of details still seem up in the air, but it looks like NBC is determined to join the unbundling crowd to finally make money from cord cutters.

6 Responses to “NBC wants you to pay for streams of Jimmy Fallon, SNL”

    • Jimmy’s has some funny skits but I have quit watching network late night “live”. I don’t even bother to watch it online. Not since Craigy Furgy quit.

      I agree with SNL not being funny. Well mostly. Love some a few skits over the years but mostly a waste of my time, IMHO.