Minimizing reboots

Amazon hones its cloud update process

Remember that planned Xen-related reboot Amazon Web Services warned about last week? Well, things went better than planned, according to an updated blog post Monday.

The company said it was able to perform live updates on 99.9 percent of the affected instances, avoiding the need for a reboot altogether.  Last Thursday, [company]Amazon[/company] had said that it would need to reboot about 10 percent of total AWS instances to address a Xen security issue.

The ability of AWS to perform updates without shutting down and bringing back up compute instances comes as very good news to cloud users. And that’s true whether the technology used was a live migration, hot patching or maybe something else. The net result was the same: workloads were not interrupted.

The Xen-related security issue also affected [company]Rackspace[/company], Linode and [company]IBM[/company] SoftLayer, all of which said they’re doing their own fixes before March 10 when more information is released about the vulnerability.

2 Responses to “Amazon hones its cloud update process”

  1. ewalsh5

    Would be curious if they still had any process related PR which talkes about live migration, especially since Google has been pretty verbose in social media about their side of the story. Will enterprise development in cloud becoming more and more mainstream – expect the posts, blogs, tweets and social media marketing wars to hot up soon. – bit. ly/ 17OnbVZ – Eamon Walsh, commenting on behalf of IDG and Red Hat

  2. Rich Hintz

    This seems like a great PR opportunity for Verizon Cloud to claim non-disruption after their recent extended outage that was supposed to obviate the need for subsequent outages. Nothing in news, though.