SanDisk intros a small 200GB microSD card with a big price

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Ultra_microSDXC_Black_UHS-I_C10_200GB_LR.0.0Last year, SanDisk released 128GB memory cards for phones and tablets; this year, it’s following up with a 200GB card. Called the Ultra microSDXC UHS-I, Premium Edition , the tiny card can store 20 hours of full HD video and transfer up to 1,200 photos in one minute thanks to the 90MBps transfer speeds. Before you get too excited for this little wonder, it comes with a big price tag: Expect to see the 200GB memory card in the next quarter with a suggested retail price of $399.99. Hopefully, the street price comes down quickly since this phone or tablet accessory can cost more than a mobile device.

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Don’t you love the irony of them announcing this at basically the same time Samsung is joining Apple in shunning extensible memory in their flagship products?

I also wonder how many devices with a slot can actually support this product. My M8 only goes to 128GB and its planned successor doesn’t do any better, so this product will most likely be really niched in the mobile segment…which will give it time to drop in price.

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