Mary Lou Jepsen, formerly of Google X, takes job at Oculus

Virtual reality could be the next big platform, and it is drawing some big names to match. Oculus confirmed today it has hired Mary Lou Jepsen, the former head of the display division at secretive hardware laboratory Google X.

An Oculus spokesperson declined to say what Jepsen’s role will be.

Jepsen’s LinkedIn page states she led two “moonshots” during her three years at the lab. Her tenure there coincided with the release of Google Glass. Late last year, reports emerged that the Display Division was working on screens that could snap together like Legos, but Google has yet to make any public statement about the project.

Oculus teamed up with Samsung last year to get first access to Samsung’s newest OLED screens. Its prototype virtual reality headsets have a few display flaws, such as the screen door effect, in which a grid appears to sit on top of the wearer’s view.

Jepsen pursued an electrical engineering undergraduate degree and optical sciences Ph.D. at Brown University. She also graduated from the MIT Media Lab with a Master of Science in media technology and holography. She is the co-founder of One Laptop per Child, which provided $100 computers to children in developing nations.