It costs more than Hulu

Here’s what the new Tinder Plus looks like

After months of rumors, Tinder has finally unveiled its premium feature, announcing the news with a blog post. If you’re not satisfied with the free version, you can pay the company $10 a month for a few added features: Rewind and Passport.

With Rewind, people can “undo” a hastily made left swipe. Most power Tinder users have had a moment when they’re multitasking and Tinder-distracted, think someone’s attractive, and accidentally swipe left. You cry, “Nooo!!!” as the face of your potential soul mate disappears forever. If you cough up for premium, you’ll be granted a little yellow undo button that appears next to the reject and like buttons beneath a person’s profile.

tinder rewind undo

With Passport, they can surf Tinder users in other cities. In functionality, Passport is a bit similar to Yik Yak’s “Peek Anywhere” function. People can drop a pin around the globe for the chance to match with and chat up strangers there.


Tinder Plus has also launched in Europe, where there’s a tiered payment system depending on ages according to a British newspaper. People under 28 pay £3.99 a month (roughly $6.13) whereas those over 28 pay £14.99 a month (roughly $23.03). The American price is $10 a month for those under 30 and $20 a month for those older than 30.

Those are steep prices for a premium app service. A full Hulu subscription, with access to all its TV shows, costs only $7.99 a month. A monthly Pandora subscription is $4.99 a month. Tinder is essentially saying it thinks its premium service is worth more than these sources of endless entertainment.

If you’re a Tinder addict and you’re willing to pay, it’s a little hard to figure out where to upgrade your app. Click the dim rewind or passport pin button at the bottom of a potential match’s profile, and you’ll be prompted with the option.

When you hit the rewind or passport button on Tinder, you'll be prompted to pay for Tinder Plus
When you hit the rewind or passport button on Tinder, you’ll be prompted to pay for Tinder Plus

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