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Google is looking to bring a mortgage comparison tool to the U.S.

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Ready to buy a house? Google would like to help you get a good mortgage: New job listings suggest that the search giant is looking to bring its mortgage comparison tool to the U.S. market as part of its Google Compare service.

[company]Google[/company] has helped would-be homebuyers in the U.K. since late 2012 to find mortgages via Compare, which also helps U.K. residents to find deals on credit cards as well as travel and auto insurance plans.

Now, the company is looking to hire mortgage specialists in both the Bay Area and Seattle for Compare, with ads specifically spelling out that potential candidates have to have worked at least three years as licensed loan originators. A completed Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) exam is also encouraged, and candidates are advised that they “may not also be acting as the licensed individual for any other mortgage entity while working with Google Compare.” Google didn’t respond to a request for comment for this story.

Google is currently only operating Compare as a credit card comparison tool in the U.S., but the New York Times revealed earlier this year that the company has plans to bring auto insurance comparisons to U.S. consumers as well. In addition to mortgage specialists, Google has also been looking to fill other positions to staff up the Compare team, with one ad reading in part:

Come join the Google Compare team as we build comparison ads products that provide great answers to our users in the financial/insurance verticals. We operate as a startup within Google, exploring interesting new ideas around how to present more financial choice to users and save time by increasing access to financial information.

Financial information that Google could profit off, one should add. Compare is an ad product at its core, meaning that Google earns money every time a consumer takes an action based on its recommendations. The more money at stake, the higher is Google’s potential cut, which is why mortgages are especially interesting.

And the company does have a very potent funnel: Google Trends shows that search interest in mortgage loans is almost as big as interest in credit cards, and a lot higher than in interest car insurance plans. Google already launched a mortgage calculator in its search results last month. Soon, it may follow up by actually letting you search for mortgage rates from participating lenders right on its home page as well.

2 Responses to “Google is looking to bring a mortgage comparison tool to the U.S.”

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    Janko Roettgers,

    Be careful what you report about the wonders of GoogleCompare! Insurance Snoopers Services warned about this happening in the US in early March 2015, and nothing has been done to inform our US readers! It is obvious what GoogleCompare is more likely to do here in the US with its mobile operating systems, apps, and pseudo insurance comparison services.

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