Chromebook sales still on the rise


Credit: Dell

The latest figures from NPD, by way of BetaNews, show that Google Chromebooks are continuing to sell well in the U.S. The research firm estimates that in 2014 Chromebooks accounted for 14 percent of all laptop sales for both the commercial and retail channels; up 85 percent from 2013. The former market accounted for the bulk of those sales as Chrome OS is finding a home in the classroom.

On this week’s Chrome Show, we discussed the numbers and pointed out details of Dell’s latest Chromebook which is specifically aimed at education with a few unique features that students and teachers should like. We also recap everything we know — and don’t yet know —  about the upcoming [company]Google[/company] Chromebook Pixel refresh. Tune in below or download this week’s podcast here.


Lynne Arnold

I love my Chromebook and use it about 95% of the time. I only use my PC laptop on the rare occasions that I need to do something that my Chromebook won’t do, which generally is to connect remotely to my work computer. If not for needing to connect remotely to work sometimes, all I would need is the Chromebook.

Jesse McNulty

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I have had the pleasure of working with this technology in my classroom for the last sixteen months – could not say anything more positive about the ease of use of Chromebooks in our classroom!


The world is a better place if there is no Chromebook. My Android app does not work in that dumb device.


The world is a better place if there was no Android. My iOS app doesn’t work in that dumb device.

Charles Binning

Not yet.

They are slowly bringing more and more android apps to ChromeOS.

Once they have full android app support that’s when the chromebook will really shine.


No, not by a LONG shot.
This is a very narrowly defined segment of the broader market.
In the broader market Apple has about 10%, Chromebooks are still less than 1%.

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