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Cloud options mean decisions, decisions for IT buyers

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Much has been written about cloud consolidation, with M&A roiling the cloudscape over the past few months: Cisco bought Metacloud, EMC bought CloudscalingHP snapped up Eucalyptus. Despite all that, cloud deployment options abound, and choice will be a big theme at the upcoming Structure 2015 event, this June in San Francisco.

First, there is more choice than ever in public cloud. Sure, Amazon Web Services leads the market-share race by a wide margin. But viable options are available — from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud Platform to vCloud Air to Digital Ocean to CenturyLink. What many of us tend to forget is that, despite all the cloud talk, we’re still very early in the game when it comes to business deployment. There’s a ton of opportunity out there. Is it enough to float all boats? That’s the zillion-dollar question.

We will discuss those options, and how even the biggest enterprises — General ElectricWalmart — are deploying more of their IT on cloud. The question is no longer if, but when.

At this year’s event, we’ll welcome back [company]Amazon[/company] CTO Werner Vogels, Khosla Ventures founder Vinod Khosla, [company]Microsoft[/company] EVP Scott Guthrie, Google SVP Urs Hölzle, Battery Ventures technology fellow Adrian Cockcroft and DataGravity CEO Paula Long.

We’ll hear from first-timers, too: Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, Digital Ocean CEO Ben Uretsky, CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi. And, on the end user side, we’re really excited to bring on stage National Football League CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle, FBI CISO Arlette Hart and Pinterest head of engineering Michael Lopp. More names to come.

For a refresher of last year’s event, here’s a sampling of some favorite sessions:

Google’s Urs Holzle:

Facebook’s Jay Parikh:

Intel SVP Diane Bryant:

Amazon’s Werner Vogels:

Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie:

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  1. ewalsh5

    Gaining the sort of development capability being enjoyed by born-on-the-Web companies is a big lure for Enterprises. Platform as a service (PaaS) delivers on the promise of similar benefits to enterprises. The market dynamics of the PaaS point to hybrid models for delivering most flexibility where the private and public PaaS components are the same or have been specifically designed to work together. Vendors that support hybrid models will be the most successful because they provide an enterprise with the most flexibility. In addition, it is noted that open source platforms and open standards are very effective at eliminating enterprise concerns over lock-in. – – Eamon Walsh, commenting on behalf of IDG and Red Hat