No NFC payments left on WP

Windows Phone left out as Google Wallet swallows Softcard

Google purchased Softcard earlier this week, and today it posted a support page about what to expect from the mobile wallet service in the future as it shuts down. No surprises here: Android users should download Google Wallet, which is replacing Softcard. But for users of the Windows Phone Softcard app, there is no NFC payment alternative.

From the FAQ:

What about Softcard for Windows?
The Softcard for Windows Phone app will also be terminated. A specific termination date will be provided soon.

Softcard for Windows Phone, we hardly knew you. The app first launched on Microsoft mobile devices last fall for AT&T and Verizon subscribers, and allows users with NFC-equipped Windows Phones to make contactless payments at certain stores and restaurants, including McDonalds. Because Windows Phones aren’t equipped with fingerprint readers yet, users have to enter a PIN to unlock the digital wallet.

softcard windows phone

When Softcard exits the Windows Phone store, it leaves the platform without a NFC-enabled payments app. Microsoft Wallet can theoretically make NFC payments, but its acceptance has been slow, possibly due to resistance from the carriers (who were committed to Softcard.) Android devices can download Google Wallet, obviously, and Apple’s iPhones have Apple Pay. The Softcard FAQ doesn’t mention Softcard on iPhone, but the plans to enable Softcard on the iPhone using an “integrated secure SIM-based hardware solution” (an NFC-enabled iPhone sleeve) are probably on the back-burner, too.

The decision to pull the Windows Phone Softcard app might not be a snub intended to hurt Windows Phone. It’s possible that Google has simply decided that the relatively few Windows Phone users weren’t worth the extra resources to support the platform. Plus, Google Wallet could end up going cross-platform in the future. But it’s still an example of how Microsoft’s inability to gain traction with its mobile operating system is closing doors for its users, as well as for Microsoft itself in the rapidly heating-up mobile payments market.


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  1. microsoft keeps buying and developing iOS and Android apps that they keep forgetting about us (WP users) they should invest in apps like these to prevent google from aquiring them and screwing everybody over.

  2. It’s more about Google seeing the Windows Phone platform as a threat. Imagine if MS decided to pull their apps from Android – Google and their fandroids would start screaming antitrust, but the fact that there are only two official Google apps on the WP platform (Google search and Waze) seems to be no big deal. As for Google saying WP has too low marketshare, explain all the Google apps still available on Blackberry. Heck, even Beats Music, now owned by Apple, is still on Windows Phone.

      • I got more details for you here on what Microsoft is doing with its own mobile payment system, Windows Phones and its users wont be left behind at all, forget SoftCard Google that’s nothing compared to what Microsoft is about to do- details below:
        This is very Good News for Windows Phone users, I am announcing today that Microsoft has its own Mobile NFC payment solutions which they are secretly working on. Take a look at this the evidence is here. Look closely at this API leaks with Windows 10, especially Windows 10 mobile, this can go on to expand to Point of Sale embedded/terminal retail devices for enterprise and consumers.

        @Justin Angel on Twitter —

        My close contacts Justin Angel said NFC Payments are in Windows 10 APIs.

        Since Windows 10 is a broader platform than its predecessors that tailored for all devices. With addition of more OS interaction and closer linked with apps universally. This aligned NFC payment API in Windows 10 can be interacted with Windows 10 Internet of Things of PoS retail devices, Kiosk devices, Vending Machines, NFC sensor micro devices inputs for payments runs also on IoT, PC’s with special NFC chips for retail experiences and mobile devices etc.

        Its not just that. There is more evidence shows:
        @Justin Angel a developer/ ex- MS/Nokia employee on Twitter —

        Here: Exhibit 1.
        “#WP10TP1 introduces new SmartCardEmulator for NFC Payments using Applets. That’s Apple Pay SE and Google Wallet HCE. ”

        I believe you can possibly send payments between a cross platform of Apple Pay/Google Wallet

        Exhibit 2: Here
        “Basically what #WP10TP1 did with the new “Windows.Devices.SmartCards” is implement this #AndroidDev doc in Windows: ”

        It shows an API saying (English) Microsoft SmartCard API – Windows.Devices.Smartcards referring to an NFC payment system API similar/same open API that was used on Android 4.4 as a Host Card Emulation created by Google and others, used on Google’s Wallet Payment system.

        Website Link Official Document Says:

        The API document says – Example from a Android API
        Payment Applications

        “Android considers HCE services that have declared an AID group with the “payment” category as payment applications. The Android 4.4 release contains a top-level Settings menu entry called “tap & pay”, which enumerates all such payment applications”

        So payment wallet applications can implement this feature further than it is now with Microsoft Wallet WP8. It benefits the enterprise organisation applications who uses a custom application on PoS devices for the consumer retail experience payments, not just nfc payment app developers.

        This is where:
        Microsoft is adopting FIDO Biometric, do you think this will be implemented with windows smartcards. I think. To make the payment system secure against flaws in the nfc payment systems. To avoid Where HCE had some security flaws with Android in the past, its not just for killing password and securing just Windows security.

        tView —

        Another evidence shows that WP10TP1 API introduces new SmartCardEmulator for NFC Payments using Applets. That’s Apple Pay SE and Google Wallet HCE payment system. This will go well with cross platform nfc payment system with features that are implemented in the Google wallet payment system and Apple’s wallet payment system. Therefore its not just any other Microsoft wallet app nfc implementation. Its going to be a new advance payment system by Microsoft to compete with others in the nfc payment space, especially the upcoming overhaul of Google new payment system ditching Wallet, for a Bluetooth standard and Apple Pay, payment system, Microsoft wallet back in 2012 with Windows Phone 8 launch was just basically more Apple passbook than a wallet nfc payment system even though it can do NFC payments, but that confused most users on how it competes with Google Wallet and other nfc payment systems.

        And didn’t Microsoft hired ex-Amazon senior executive who was working on payments related stuff, that relates to this project and the evidence I revealed that Microsoft was working on over a year. Microsoft hired this guy since September, the link of the clue becomes clearer. Read Here from WMPoweruser’s Microsoft-News:

        Don’t count Paypal out, they are also in the game also in this payment systems. Plus didn’t Microsoft partnership with them on their Lumia’s and Surface devices on nfc wallet payment systems recently. Watch this video
        ▶PayPal Here for Surface Pro 3 —
        That shows they are clearly investing on nfc payment solutions and look closely at its competitors in the tech space. Microsoft is not behind in this and will never get behind in this space.

        Remember 2 months ago when WMPoweruser revealed by sources that Microsoft working to bring NFC Payments to Windows 10 platform. So its definitely happening. Microsoft is going to have its own NFC payment solution this year.

        As the two careers offers the info of Microsoft next gen NFC payment system, where one of the job has been taken and one of them reveals the info here:… –

        The Careers Job info of Next Gen NFC Payments system for Microsoft Windows Platforms briefly says:
        “Ever wanted to ditch your wallet, and tap+pay with your phone instead? Join the team that builds the platform for NFC payments, across all Microsoft devices. We are building on the momentum we’ve created with new NFC payment capabilities shipped in Windows Phone 8.1 (Meaning next gen OS- Windows 10)”.

        (People who are very good with software and has a degree in software engineering can do this do, your opportunity is here, if you want to help and join instead of complaining, this is no promo). :)

        Another addition: Tablet will benefit this, since some Windows tablets ships with NFC already, (except MS Surface line because of its magnesium material design- no NFC) Is that Xbox One will also benefit because as the career statement says “Windows 10 across all devices, this includes Xbox One, since most Xbox users don’t know that Xbox One secretly supports Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC inside, since specs was revealed inside a Ifixit and NFC world website which was unannounced by Microsoft. Since Xbox One has NFC, when possibly activated with Windows 10 and Bluetooth 4.x. this will benefit NFC mobile payments in game console for buying content purposes across devices and other purposes, since Xbox One is opening up in software/hardware side,
        As shown here:

        And also Wearable’s such as Band will benefit from this running also Windows 10 for IoT wearable’s, with same overlayed APIs appropriate for wearable’s and IoT will benefit NFC mobile payment systems, since sensors can be added to wearable’s such as watches and smart bands, devices we seen from Microsoft Band, will one day pay for your things with just NFC/Bluetooth mobile payment, already been done first step with the QR Code for paying Starbucks coffee, but the next step is to implement this mobile payment system into wearable’s and that will happen.

        What OS is running those PoS retail devices? Windows, basically its just a computer terminal, and since Microsoft has invested and implemented Windows 10 internet of devices merging all the embedded devices, expect special NFC payment terminal devices on banks, retail etc. that will run the OS since the OS runs literally everywhere, that is closely inherited together with these APIs on this broaden platform that will become reality in the next 12-18 months from now. Microsoft has the tools, best dev tools in the world, close hardware partners, OEMs OS to score a big one in the mobile payments war. Forget Google, they just buying softcard because they are hesitant of the completion and Samsung and Apple. Microsoft has something they have been looking for a long time, they just need to executed well and it will become successful. Microsoft has the opportunity here and I am excited to see what they will do with it. The evidence is here, its shows that they are working on something, its very big, because ex-Amazon employee at Microsoft deny to say anything what’s going on at Microsoft secret mobile payment system project. I just feel the new Microsoft is here, fast, rapid innovation coming this year. You haven’t seen nothing yet. HoloLens was the start when I knew Microsoft is also doing something big around Windows 10, So I was curious to see what’s inside Windows 10 APIs,

        this might be an opportunity not just for the “benefit” of Windows, since NFC is industry standard for the mobile payment technology, YES if Windows Phone don’t become more than 3% marketshare, they can still take a bigger pie of the software of other platforms I sense Microsoft will open it up to other platforms across the board that of iOS and Android and others in space, that can bring massive revenue to the company, like they did with Office, .NET platform and Microsoft Band and opening up Visual Studio to cross platform apps to all major mobile platforms and they are opening up Bing as open source soon and one day Windows OS, that will bring their ambitious “universal apps” openly to other platforms so, apps and games can easily be ported from one platform to another, without complexity, anything is possible with the New Microsoft we are seeing today under Mr Nadella.

        The things I mentioned above with twitter links are real API. However this is just a speculation for now, but to me its true, rumour, not always 100% true. But Its 70-90% certain that Microsoft has a nfc payment solution to this.

        However, Watch me, it will become real when they announced this unannounced non-mentioned Microsoft upcoming NFC payment system solution competitor (give it a couple of months ahead, around upcoming events like Microsoft Build, Microsoft Ignite and the near close launch of Windows 10 this summer). It’s going to happen.

    • thanks for answering that, that’s what I wanted to say. Yes Microsoft is working on their own payment system that no tech news is mentioning sadly, with their anti-MS biased views.