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Sooooo, what’s new with HP’s cloud strategy?

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Look! Hewlett-Packard is doing something with Eucalyptus after all, at least according to a new web page touting HP Helion Eucalyptus, the “Open. Agile. Secure AWS-compatible private cloud.”

HP bought Eucalyptus in September, put that company’s CEO, Marten Mickos, in charge of the overall HP cloud business and things went pretty quiet. Until this week, when I reported that Mickos was ceding his leadership role and the aforementioned page appeared.

An [company]HP[/company] spokesman confirmed that it is a new page, and is “fully in line” with HP’s hybrid cloud push and previous pledge to support AWS customers. Most of the page’s links route back to the original Eucalyptus web site.

I still have so many questions.  Will HP’s OpenStack-based Helion private cloud also offer AWS API compatibility?  HP pulled planned support for those APIs from its public cloud two years ago. Will it reverse that course?

And most intriguingly, will HP — which is a long-time and sometimes irritated Microsoft partner — decide to de-emphasize its own public cloud aspirations and instead throw in more fully with [company]Microsoft[/company] Azure? Hey, anything is possible.


4 Responses to “Sooooo, what’s new with HP’s cloud strategy?”

  1. Hulu lulu

    Hp clouds management has been nothing but a shuffleboard of management roles and decisions. They’re good at exec speak and you got other unqualified management trying to be in the same clique to keep their jobs. Sinking ship folks.

    • hulu, you hit the nail on the head… HP Cloud changes strategy and leadership every 6 months. Not since Biri has there been a cohesive direction. The Cloud groups has some great talent , but its being lead by idiots…who believe they can latch onto Enterprise Services and deliver cloud within a legacy construct. HP is too hamstrung by legacy IT systems, processes, infrastructure and culture to be successful in Cloud.

      HP’s Helion Openstack Distro is in its 5th release (including CloudOS flop) and has yet to produce a working solution.

      They stopped investing in Public Cloud, which was one of the only areas of innovations. Soon HP Public Cloud will be shuttered….

      HP VPC (virtual private cloud) = is warned over VMware minus any real automation

      The only thing HP Cloud has working in its favor is Cloud System…