Before Windows 10, Microsoft offers Lumia 635 with more memory

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Credit: Nokia Conversations

In a somewhat surprising twist, Microsoft has added a new version of its Lumia 635 handset in some regions. Don’t get too excited though; it appears there’s only one change: A doubling of the phone’s system memory.

was spotted by the AllAboutWindowsPhone blog

That doesn’t mean that phones with less RAM won’t see the Windows 10 upgrade. However, Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Operating Systems Group, Joe Belfiore has already said that the company is working to get Windows 10 on phones with 512MB of memory; they just may not have all of the new software features available to them. If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s an overview from the currently available early preview of Windows 10.

Windows 10 settings

As much as I’d like to see Windows 10 arrive for the complete line of Lumia handsets, I can understand the challenge Microsoft faces with limited memory on low-cost phones. Unfortunately, the best selling Lumias have been the ones with 512MB of memory so the company will be challenged to get these handset owners on its new software which unifies the experience across phones, tablets and computers.

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Interesting article. With some hesitation I switched from Android to Windows phone 1 year ago and will never look back. I’ve owned a 520, 635, and 820. The 635 (512mb) version is an absolute workhorse. I would love to see a 1gb RAM 635 ship to the US.

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