San Francisco pilot continues

Sonic brings gigabit service to the East Bay’s Brentwood

Sonic, the regional ISP that is transitioning from a copper-based DSL and telephone company to a fiber-to-the-home provider, has announced plans to expand its fiber construction to Brentwood, a Silicon Valley commuter town that will join Sebastopol, Calif., in getting gigabit networks. Sonic CEO Dan Jasper told me last week that the pilot network in San Francisco is still under construction and he has no sense of the timing on when it will go live, but plans to head to Marin next.

One Response to “Sonic brings gigabit service to the East Bay’s Brentwood”

  1. The piece you linked on Sonic’s quarrels with the corruption-tolerating, non-vaccinating, neutrality-loving progressive majority in Frisco was written in 2011, how about an update? Last I heard from Jasper, he’s still fighting with the DPW over cabinet siting four years later. What a pain.

    People like to bash the ISPs for slow action toward faster networks in places like Frisco, but in reality the blame lies closer to home, doesn’t it? It’s just like SF’s resistance to more cell towers.

    I was intrigued by the remark in the linked post to the effect that Sonic refuses to offer business accounts because they would require usage limits: “With our stance on no capping, I have a little bit of concern delivering 1 gig to a business at $89.95 and them using half of it, because that could really happen.”

    What’s more destructive to competition, usage caps or no service at all?