Scaling down the smartphone

Samsung expected to go smaller with Galaxy S6, Note Edge screens

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and new Note Edge will have smaller displays, according to Bloomberg, which also confirms earlier reports of an Edge with screens on both the left and right side. Citing people with direct knowledge of Samsung’s plans, Bloomberg on Wednesday said the new handsets are expected to have a 5.1-inch display.

At a time when competitors are going with larger screens, this is a reversal of sorts for [company]Samsung[/company], which was one of the driving forces behind large-screened phones. The company’s Galaxy Note from 2011, for example, created the “phablet” category with its 5.3-inch screen and the current Note Edge uses a 5.6-inch main display along with a small curved screen along the right side.

Aside from that tidbit, much of Bloomberg’s information jives with earlier rumors of Samsung using its own chips instead of Qualcomm’s, a Note Edge with a second side screen, and metal case construction for the handsets which Samsung is currently using for its Alpha handset line. The company has a press event scheduled for March 1, where it is expected to release the new Galaxy S6 and Note Edge phones which will run [company]Google[/company] Android software.

5 Responses to “Samsung expected to go smaller with Galaxy S6, Note Edge screens”

  1. Do not buy this fucking phone, it is absolutely horrible. I have had ever Droid phone ever made, and this is the worst phone made. Battery life is good, but changes screen mode whenever the fuck it wants. I’ll be buying iPhone from now on.

  2. S6 Edge not Note Edge.
    And 5.1 is not not smaller ,the S5 is also 5.1.
    You can also expect a Synaptics area fiingerprint sensor (won’t take the time to explain why i am 95% sure of that) and DRMed accessories so you have to pay 30 bucks for a 1$ cable and Samsung can take it’s cut (Apple style) – this last thing would be the first time Samsung totally lost the plot in a the last few years , up until now they stayed away from doing really stupid things.