2 Responses to “Court backs NSA on internet spying as Obama ducks call for reform”

  1. navigator

    Well, anyone who actually thought the political elite would rein in NSA over data collection was engaging is wishful thinking. The Congress, the Obama Administration and the military all all “customers” of NSA’s spying programs. And AFAIK, they aren’t complaining about the quality of the NSA’s product, even though it violates the 4th Amendment rights of all Americans…including them. If you want to comprehend the history and extent of these spying programs, I recommend watching the two-part Frontline report titled “The United States of Secrets” which aired last year but can still be viewed on-line at pbs.org. The non-response from President Obama, to this interviewer’s question is proof that there is still no effective oversight of anything that NSA does and the political elite doesn’t really want any either.