Target closes down its Target Ticket digital movie store


Target Ticket, we hardly knew ye: Less than 18 months after launching it, Target is closing down its digital video store. Target Ticket will be shuttered in March, according to a note on the service’s website:

Target Ticket discontinued new rentals on Tuesday, and users will be able to access their paid movies through Cinemanow starting on March 7th — if rights holders agree, that is. These services often have different agreements with rights holders, and not all titles available through Target Ticket will necessarily also be available through Cinemanow. However, Target is promising that customers will get Cinemanow coupons for any movies that can’t be transferred.

Target Ticket is one of a number of online video services launched and then discontinued by major brands. Last year, Verizon and Redbox decided to shutter their Redbox Instant service, and months before that, Samsung pulled the plug on its own movie download store.


Vince J

Target Ticket had good prices and let you use gift cards. The folks in the customer service center were first rate. Sorry to see them go. Did not lose anything but time in the switch to CinimaNow.

Keith Hawn

Proves that digital doesn’t “flatten” all business categories so that everyone can participate equally. In the end, there will only be Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and iTunes


I’m not surprised. I was given some promotional credit, and found it was way difficult to use. Just buying a selected video took about a dozen more clicks than it should have. Then to play the video I had to download some app on my Mac which didn’t even allow me to view the high definition format.

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