GoDaddy modernization goes on

GoDaddy acquires an interesting Node.js-centric startup

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GoDaddy is continuing its effort to upgrade its infrastructure into something more modern by acquiring Nodejitsu, a Node.js-centric platform-as-a-service provider, the web-hosting company announced today. GoDaddy did not disclose the financial terms of the deal, which was rumored to close this week, but a spokesperson said that four Nodejitsu employees will be coming on board. Given the popularity of Node.js, which just got its own open-source foundation, the deal makes sense for GoDaddy, which has spent the past couple of years modernizing its technology through acquisitions, mobile development and even the creation of its own content-delivery network.

One Response to “GoDaddy acquires an interesting Node.js-centric startup”

  1. ewalsh5

    What remains to be seen, is how consistent security-wise is the integration of the new solution. There’s plenty of legacy hosting outside of cPanel which’d be tested, besides the utilities to call back and stack up. Hopefully this augments better integrated dev and deployment. bit. ly/ 18KwOGp – Eamon Walsh, commenting on behalf of IDG and Red Hat