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LG announces a Google Cardboard–based virtual reality headset

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LG’s high-end G3 smartphone was one of the first phones with a pixel-dense 2560 x 1440 display, and now LG is putting those extra pixels to good use. On Monday, LG and Google announced a new virtual reality headset for the G3, called VR for G3, that works with Google Cardboard.


Like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s first Cardboard headset, LG’s new virtual reality headsets merely mounts the phone and a pair of biconvex lenses in front of your face. The virtual reality experience uses the device’s built-in screen, sensors, and processors in conjunction with Google’s software to deliver an immersive experience.

According to LG, the VR for G3 headset is based on the original Google Cardboard blueprint, and it works with the Google Cardboard app as well as other Cardboard-compatible apps and games. VR for G3 headsets will be free with purchase of a G3 for a limited time as part of a promotion, which also includes a free version of the VR game Robobliteration.

Aside from the G3’s 538 pixels-per-inch screen, which helps when your eyes are centimeters away from the screen, another major advantage the G3 has over other devices for VR is that its sleep key is mounted on the backside of the smartphone, as opposed to on the righthand side for most other devices, meaning that the button remains accessible even when the handset is mounted. Perhaps LG was thinking about virtual reality even before Google Cardboard was announced.

LG says they haven’t decided whether the VR for G3 will be sold separately or what it would be priced at. The promotion starts this week in Korea, and is eventually headed to the United States.



5 Responses to “LG announces a Google Cardboard–based virtual reality headset”

  1. Lachlan Sleight

    A pity – I was excited at first, hoping LG was hoping to compete with Gear VR by releasing a legitimate VR headset for use with the G3.

    Instead, they’re releasing yet another mediocre stereoscope that’s no better than a $5 Google Cardboard. It looks like they didn’t even replace Google Cardboard’s awful 25mm, 40mmFL lenses.

    Very disappointing.

  2. Common misconception here, but the GearVR does not “merely” mount the phone. There is a custom OS on the Note4 along with optimized trackers within the headset that provides an experience that is an order of magnitude better than VR viewers like this LG product and Google cardboard.