Sling TV opens the floodgates, accepts sign-ups without invites


Credit: Janko Roettgers / Gigaom

Sling TV, the online TV streaming service from Dish Networks, is now available to everyone: The service ended its invitation-only soft launch late Sunday night and began to accept sign-ups from everyone on its website.

Sling offers consumers live access to a total of 15 channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, CNN, HGTV, Cartoon Network and others for $20 a month. New to this basic package are Galavision, El Rey Network and a channel for Maker Studios content, which had been previously announced but initially wasn’t part of the invite-only beta test. AMC is going to be added to the base package soon, according to a Sling TV press release. There’s no word yet on whether Sling will also add other channels that are part of the AMC Networks family, including IFC, Sundance TV and WE TV.

Sling subscribers can elect to add more channels through three different add-on packages that cost $5 each. These include a news and information package, a kids and family package and a sports add-on package that offers access to additional ESPN channels and a few other sports networks. As of Monday, subscribers will also be able to use ESPN’s WatchESPN apps, but the content available to them will depend on their individual subscription: Sling TV’s base package unlocks ESPN1, ESPN2 and ESPN3 streams, whereas the added sports package will provide access to more content.

Sling TV is catering to cord cutters and what the company calls “cord haters,” meaning people who would love to get rid of cable but haven’t been able to in the past, primarily because of sports. Sling wants to win over this audience by offering them a lower-priced package without some of the strings that are usually attached with a traditional pay TV service. For example, Sling TV customers will be able to cancel any time, and don’t need commit to year-long contracts.

However, Sling TV couldn’t completely do away with the limitations of its industry. Some of the most advanced features of the service, which include the ability to rewind and fast forward in a current show or go back to any show that has aired within the last 72 hours, aren’t available on most networks due to contractual restrictions. In addition, Sling TV is only available on one single device at a time.

Check this video for a first look at Sling TV:

This post was updated at 9:33am with information about AMC coming to Sling TV.



No requiring “free”, just looking for price point comparable with AMAZON PRIME, HULU PLUS & NETFLIX.
The channel selection is not enough or diverse enough for “cord cutters” to let go of a huge selection of channels to sift through & for the “streamers”, the price seems exorbitant from the $8 average for other avenues that offer a bounty of options to choose from.
The basis & premise are very smart but the add one at $5 a pop seem as though they should be a part of the core package to give the $20 monthly more oomph to stand on it’s on.

K Porter

Call 1-888-548-8802 or go to I just canceled mine on the internet tonight,and you can print it.

Fred Weber

Huge disappointment in 2 areas. First, I was led to believe that Sling would have 3 day capture on ALL channels, not just selected ones. Second and most important, we tried to watch the channel on a ROKU 1 with the highest speed internet available from Windstream. Sling was buffering and reloading constantly on TNT. And my router is 2 feet away from the ROKU.


Not quite enough content yet to convince me to switch but I think they’re on the right track. Stay tuned…


In other words, lackadaisical take-rates so far because it’s over-priced and under-powered….so now they are going after anyone who has a heartbeat.


looks like they migrated the existing ‘DishWorld’ customers to this service by default, which is good and understandable since both are the same types of offering from the same company.
The problem however is it doesn’t’ work. I can login to slingTv (thru dish-world account id & password) can see my past dishWorld transactions but can’t add slingTV service to it.


Actually the Dishworld customers were already migrated to Roku. But even when you do get in you’ll see that the service “doesn’t work”


Only an insane idiot would consider this rip off Streaming Service “Sling Television” as reasonable and legitimate. Much less subscribe to pay for this ridiculously overpriced GARBAGE! Dish Network is nothing more than a group of insatiable greedy Robber Barons. Just Say No!


He/she wants it for free and/or doesn’t like the line up.

For those of us who miss ESPN but don’t want to pay big bucks and realize not everything is free don’t think those considering this are insane idiots.

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