Technical preview of Vivaldi browser had 400K downloads in a week


The new Vivaldi browser, unveiled a week ago by Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner, is off to a roaring start. Its first technical preview – the thing isn’t even in beta yet – has already had 400,000 downloads. As von Tetzchner said in a Wednesday update to supporters, this is more people than live in his native Iceland. His Vivaldi team is trying to provide a feature-rich power browser for people who don’t like the current trend for pared-back browsers that disappear into the background, a group that these days includes Opera (von Tetzchner quit the company a few years back). He also said in the message that the team will deliver new builds of the browser on a weekly basis.



Did somebody can explain to me why all my Vivaldi searches and all my Vivaldi faves are now set up on my starting menu (W7) ? I am not really pleased to see my private life outside the browser. Why that ? Thanks.


From my own searches (I choose finally to uninstall Vivaldi), this Vivaldi’s technical preview is not an installed software, but an application.


I am using the pre beta version and it works pretty well already. Even the dustbin and notes work! This is how Opera 15 should have looked.

Jim Jackson

They’re never going to be able to make any significant changes from Chromium.


Well, it’s not even a beta yet, so it’s normal ^^
And I think it’s really cheerful to see all those functionalities that we (or at least I) used to love ! I’m really exited about the next updates !

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