The rich get richer

HP’s Whitman snagged $19M+ in compensation last year

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman got a pretty good pay boost last year, receiving more than $19.5 million in total compensation for fiscal 2014, ending October 31. That’s $2 million more than she got the previous year, according to HP’s just-released proxy.

Almost all of the pay package came in the form of stock and options — her salary for the period was $1.5 million. (Before 2014 she took $1 in annual salary but still logged more than $15 million in total compensation both years.) See the chart below for details on compensation HP’s highest-paid execs.

HP summary compensation table for FY 2014
HP summary compensation table for FY 2014


Whitman is taking [company]HP[/company] through what she has called a “multi-year” transition which, as of November, will include a break up into two companies — an enterprise entity (HP Enterprise) focusing on cloud and associated software and hardware; and a printer-and-PC entity (HP Co.).

The news comes a week after the [company]IBM[/company] proxy showed Ginni Rometty got a $3.6 million bonus for last year, and could get total compensation of more than $13 million total for the current fiscal year.

Both CEOs are leading legacy IT giants into a new era, and have suffered major bumps along the way in the form of wide-spread layoffs and other downsizing moves. No one said either job would be easy, but the optics of these two CEOs getting richer while thousands of employees lose their jobs is still striking.