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Verizon pushes Android 5.0 Lollipop to the Samsung Galaxy S5

Good news for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners on the Verizon network in the U.S.: Android 5.0 is ready for your device and Verizon has made it available. A notification should appear on your handset to indicate Lollipop is coming your way, but if you can’t wait, you can always manually check in Settings, About Device. Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S5 is the first in the U.S. to see the official software update. The update includes Google’s Material Design changes, a new way to manage interruptions and more interactive notifications on your Android lock screen.

23 Responses to “Verizon pushes Android 5.0 Lollipop to the Samsung Galaxy S5”

  1. I hate the updates too. I wish I hadn’t updated my phone. Keeps freezing up and battery drains too quickly. Can’t copy and paste. I loved my s5 a month ago and now I HATE it!!!!

  2. The newest lollipop update is horrible. Who in the world likes freaking Orange for headers in the messaging app? Makes we want to puke every time I look at my phone… and it makes me want to buy a iphone next time.

  3. I hate it. Way too many problems to list all of them. There was not a thing wrong with the phone before the update but now it’s crap. Why screw up a good thing. I hope there is a solution to this very soon.

  4. Yep..Lollipop jacked my S5. Battery drains, and the lock screen won’t timeout..ever. If I get a text and it causes the lock screen to come on…it just stays on forever. Verizon warrantied out my phone..getting new one today without Lollipop. Ridiculous.

  5. Mine was updated yesterday. I HATE IT. It’s a piece of crap that has totally reset things that didn’t need reset. The colors are OBNOXIUS! It’s like they’ve been inspired by Wired Magazine to do their color scheme. I want a smart phone. Not a toy! Am taking it to Verizon to see if they can get me back to the previous version.

  6. For anyone having issues your are going to need to do a factory reset. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Utilize Helium Backup, Kies and some screen shots to get your phone back to the way you had it. My S5 is MUCH faster and the battery is even better now on Lillipop after the factory reset. Overall it took me about an hour and I didn’t lose any data. Really happy with this update now.

    • lollipop is awful! I have done a factory reset, cleared my cache, run in safe mode etc… the bottom line is that lollipop sucks. It is killed my battery. My battery will not last half a day anymore with light use. I want my old OS back. The colors are hard to look at, what used to be black is now white. Which uses more electricity, a white backlit screen or black.? as another user commented if this doesn’t get fixed fast I’m getting an iPhone too, very disappointing!

  7. Jennifer

    Who came up with this update? I absolutely despise it. I can’t imagine what moron thought these changes were a good idea. I regret having installed it. Looks like an iphone is in my future.

  8. Dusty T. Johnson

    I miss my kitkat! Lollipop is terrible!
    My Galaxy S5 is a phone not a tablet! I use it one handed, right handed. Why then is everything I need to read on the right side of the screen hiding under my thumb? and why is the menu button which I intuitively need to use constantly, on the opposite side of the phone? Why is the entire dashboard reversed? Why is the clock so ridiculously over complicated now?
    “Cardstack” window changer is a completely unnecessary animation. Now every process I use has a very annoying animation lag! I switched from iPhone because I wanted an intuitive system built for gratification and productivity. Now, I hate my phone again. Android was the intuitive platform.
    I really enjoyed the black screens with white print! It was easy on the eyes, easy to read and saved battery! Now I’m blinded by a bright white screen for everything. I miss the old drop down tool bar; the new tool bar is transparent and difficult on the eyes.
    I liked the square icons in my contacts, less wasted space versus the floating circles.
    I miss the streamlined everything. I miss the simple easy to use and easy viewing personality of my kitkat. I miss the streamlined downloading process for music and documents.
    I miss having the first phone platform and operating system I could be happy with for decades. Why did we take such a colossal step backwards? I feel like my best friend just had a brain aneurysm and will never be the same.
    Thanks Google.

    • I feel exactly the same way as you do , I have now spent hours to try to change the layout / design / colour shceme in some way , I even missed the Bond movie Skyfall to this new shitty Lolllipop, I hate it as much as you do !!! now I downloded a app intead that is called Kit kat for Android 4.4 , hopefully it can help me to get my old life and old phone in some way. I WANT BLACK BACKGROUND WITH WHITE NUMBERS AND LETTERS

    • Amen,on point,absolutely, if only I could go back to kitkat! I took my galaxys5 back to Verizon to see if I could revert back;there answer “sorry your update can’t be changed back”! Did I hear someone say “iphone”

  9. Kimberley Flood

    lollipop 5.0 is so crap! phone is now really slow to do anything, battery dies within hours, menu screens are white instead of white and no silent function. so peed off with this.

  10. the people who developed it definitely don’t use it because it took away some great things and added some horrible features go lock screen notifications completely suck cannot be customized beyond a certain point

  11. This app 5.0 Lollipop Sucks!!! Ruined my phone, I loved my Galaxy and now I hate it!!! Theme really sucks and the Curser is ridiculous to cut and paste items (Does not work most of the time 80%)..Very Dissapointed……………………………………………………………